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All data presented below is based on the 2006 census. For 2010 projections, see our Community Profile.

Total Population 2619
Total Private Dwellings 1249
Private dwellings occupied by usual residents 1079
Land Area (square km) 1167.7
Population density per square kilometre 2.3

Age Characteristics
Median Age 44.8
% Pop 83.6

Knowledge of Official Language

Total Population 2600
English Only 1330
French Only 110
English and French 1165

Mobility Status - 5 yrs

Total Population 2490
Live at same address 5yrs ago 1895
Moved within the municipality 285
Moved within the province 275
Lived in a different province 5yrs ago 30
Live in a different country 5yrs ago 0

Total Population 15yrs and over with income (2005) 2015
Median income males (2005) $37,831
Median income females (2005) $15,374