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Property Taxation
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Property Taxation

How your property is assessed:

Le Calcul de Votre Impôt Foncier -

How Your Property Tax is Calculated -

 How property taxes are calculated based on assessment:

English -

French -



Beginning this week, MPAC is mailing more than 38,000 Property Assessment Change Notice (PACN) to property owners across Ontario, representing more than $13 billion in new assessment for municipalities.

New Notice Insert

To help property owners better understand their notice and their updated assessed value, each PACN includes a new bilingual insert that explains:

  • Why they received the notice
  • How assessed value is different than market value
  • Why the valuation date is fixed at January 1, 2016


VIDEO - How MPAC Assesses Property

VIDEO - How Your Property Tax is Calculated

VIDEO - Request for Reconsideration Process with MPAC

VIDEO - Welcome to "About My Property" MPAC

Update your mailing address online with MPAC

As a property owner, you will receive notices from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) about your property's assessed value. If you own a property in The Township of Black River-Matheson but want to receive all your notices at a different mailing address, you can easily update your information with MPAC. Visit to change your mailing address online!