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NPI, along with our partner organizations across Northern Ontario are extremely excited to announce the kick-off of our first ever Measurement Month! This initiative is an effort to maximize data resources to inform decision-making at the local, regional, provincial, and national level. The focus of this Measurement Month will include racism, reconciliation, and welcoming.

Survey respondents have a chance to win one of ten $100 prepaid VISA gift cards for answering one of the Measurement Month surveys. Please respond to the survey most suited to your situation, and share with your networks.

Employer preparedness

Measuring and assessing the ability of employers to meet the unique needs of immigrants and diverse groups.

Eligible respondents: Organizations/businesses in any industry, that have at least one employee.


Individual Experience Survey

Measuring and assessing individuals’ satisfaction with support services and related resources in their communities, as well as the welcoming efforts of each community.

Eligible respondents: Any individual currently residing in a Northern Ontario community.

Service provider capacity   

Measuring and assessing the capacity of service providers to meet the needs of immigrants and diverse groups.

Eligible respondents: Any service provider in Northern Ontario.


Measuring and assessing perspectives of individuals who have migrated out of a Northern Ontario community.

Eligible respondents: Any individual who has lived in a Northern Ontario community previously, but has since left the community (even if they moved within Northern Ontario).

Experience with racism

Measuring and assessing individual experiences with community racism and potential interventions.

Eligible respondents: Measuring and assessing individual experiences with community racism and potential interventions.




Société Économique de l’Ontario has partnered with Northern Policy Institute (NPI) to develop a survey that that asks if young people want to stay in Northern Ontario and to gauge their interest in becoming an entrepreneur in their communities. 

If you are between the ages of 16-30, we encourage you to click either of the links below. Your input and insight are important and impactful!

English Survey:

La Société Économique de l'Ontario s'est associée à l’Institut des politques du Nord (IPN) pour développer un sondage qui demande si les jeunes veulent rester dans le Nord de l'Ontario et qui évalue leur intérêt à devenir un entrepreneur dans leurs communautés.

Si vous avez entre 16 et 30 ans, nous vous encourageons à cliquer sur l'un des liens ci-dessous. Votre contribution et vos idées sont importantes et ont un impact !

Sondage en français :


Energy Bill Relief Offers On-bill Credits of $750-$1,500

Do you know about the COVID-19 Energy Assistance Program (CEAP)? It provides an on-bill credit to eligible residential, small business and registered charity customers to help them catch up on their energy bills and resume regular payments. Residential customers can receive up to $750 and small business/registered charity customers up to $1,500—for electricity and natural gas bills, respectively.


CEAP is funded by the Government of Ontario and delivered by electricity and natural gas utilities and unit sub-meter providers (USMPs). To apply, contact your utility or USMP directly as each may have a unique approach for application in-take. CEAP funding is limited with applications processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Learn more about CEAP at

L'allègement de la facture énergétique offre des crédits sur facture de 750 $ à 1500 $


Connaissez-vous le Programme d’aide aux impayés d’énergie en raison de la COVID-19 (Programme AIEC)?  Il octroie un crédit sur facture aux clients résidentiels, aux petites entreprises et aux organismes de bienfaisance enregistrés admissibles pour les aider à rattraper leur retard sur leurs paiements d’énergie et à reprendre les paiements réguliers. Un client résidentiel peut recevoir jusqu’à 750 $ pour couvrir ses factures d’électricité ou de gaz naturel. De leur côté, les petites entreprises et les organismes de bienfaisance enregistrés peuvent recevoir jusqu’à 1 500 $.


Le Programme AIEC est financé par le gouvernement de l’Ontario et est mis en œuvre par les distributeurs d’électricité, les distributeurs de gaz naturel et les fournisseurs de compteurs divisionnaires. Pour présenter une demande, il faut s’adresser directement au fournisseur de service public ou au fournisseur de compteurs divisionnaires, car chacun peut avoir sa propre méthode de réception des demandes. Le financement accordé par le Programme AIEC est limité, et les demandes sont traitées selon le principe du premier arrivé, premier servi.


Visitez le site pour obtenir plus de renseignements.



Click the link below and watch the CDSSAB video to see if your family can save money on childcare by applying for fee subsidy!  

CDSSAB Children's Services Fee Subsidy Program
CASSDC - Le programme de subvention pour frais de garde



Did you know that Ontario Northland has over 1100 km of track with over 460 rail crossings?

If you cross railway tracks to access your property, you need to enter into a Crossing Agreement with the railway. This agreement will outline obligations and fees for construction and maintenance of the crossing. It also informs the railway of your uses, enhancing safety for everyone involved. Cross legally and safely. If you require a Crossing Agreement please email






Notice of Passing of a Zoning By-law Notice of Passing of a Zoning By-law
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Tile Drainage Act At the October 28th, 2013 meeting, Council passed a revised tile drainage borrowing by-law. The by-law was amended to allow the municpality to borrow from the province on its credit an amount not exceeding $250,000.  Four weeks after the passage of the borrowing by-law, a certified copy of the revised by-law and an affidavit is sent to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food to update their records.  Please call the municipal office if you have any inquires related to this program.
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